Knowledge of electronic transformers


The electronic transformer is mainly composed of a high-frequency transformer core (iron core) and two or more electromagnetic coils. They do not change their positions with each other. From one or more than two electrical control circuits, the magnetic effect of the current depends on the AC power. , converted into alternating current and current flow. In the electronic circuit, it plays the functions of voltage transformation, blood pressure reduction, protection, rectifier, frequency conversion, phase inverting, matching resistance, inverter power supply, energy storage technology, and filtration.


Principle of electronic transformer - composition

A simple transformer is composed of a closed magnetic conductor and two windings, one of which is connected to alternating current, called the primary and secondary winding Np, and the other winding can be connected to the load, called the secondary coil winding Ns. If the primary and secondary windings are connected to the switching power supply of AC current Ui, the transformer is at full load, and the alternating switching power supply Io is generated in the primary and secondary windings, and Io is called no-load current.

Principle of electronic transformer

The electronic transformer is a non-regulated tube switching power supply circuit, which is actually a kind of inverter power supply. First, the AC current is rectified into a DC power supply. A high-frequency oscillator is composed of electronic components to convert the AC into a high-frequency AC, and the required working voltage is derived according to the switching transformer, and then the secondary rectifier is used for high-power electrical appliances. The switching power supply circuit has the characteristics of small size, light weight, and low price, so it is widely used in various household appliances. According to the different driving forms of high-frequency switching tubes, it can be divided into resonant circuit type and other excitation type.

Principle of Electronic Transformer--Application

Electronic transformers are widely used in lighting equipment in the past, such as daylight lamps, small table lamps, energy-saving lamps, and advertising lights, which can basically use electronic transformers, and after using electronic transformers, drivers can be omitted. In LED lighting, most new products also use electronic transformers. The main reason is that the electronic transformer has high efficiency, low cost, saving iron and copper raw materials, small structure and light weight in terms of transformer performance. What is not enough is that the performance of compressive resistance and high current impact resistance is worse than that of iron transformers.

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