Modern temperature and humidity sensor technology used in paint shop can improve production quality


There are two main factors in the air environment: humidity and temperature. They have profound significance and influence on people's life, work and industrial production. In the painting industry, it is necessary to strictly control the temperature and humidity in the workshop environment, and the spray humidifier equipment is widely used in this industry as a simple temperature and humidity control equipment. For the painting workshop, if the spray booth is required by the process, the temperature and humidity must be strictly controlled. The builtin temperature and humidity sensor in the humidifier can effectively monitor the temperature and humidity in the glue coating line of the painting workshop, so as to ensure the production quality and improve the production efficiency of the product.

In the spraying workshop, such as the process of spraying solid wood furniture in the spraying room, the environmental factors that have a greater impact on the spraying effect are temperature, humidity and air cleanliness. The temperature is generally controlled at 25±3°C, and the humidity is generally controlled at 65±15%. It is not good if the temperature and humidity are too high or too low. If the temperature is too high, the gloss of the paint surface will be poor, and it will appear rough and rough, resulting in orange peel phenomenon, and the color of the paint film will be lighter and whiter. As a simple humidification device, the dry spray humidifier has no complicated mechanical mechanism, and the humidification effect is direct and fast.

First of all, let’s understand the principle of the nebulizer, in short: due to the flow of air, the air with high humidity will move to the space with low humidity, and eventually the humidity in all locations will increase, thereby reducing the number of air particles. When in use, the dry mist humidification system sprays out water mist with an average particle size of 8 μm. The dense and fine water mist can easily capture the fine dust in the air. The captured dust will naturally fall and settle due to the increase in mass. The captured fine dust also absorbs moisture in the air, increases in mass and settles naturally.

As the air humidity increases, the electrostatic voltage between the air and dust will also decrease. When the relative humidity of the air in the line reaches 60%, the electrostatic voltage can basically drop to the lowest point. Airborne dust disintegrates to maximum effect, forming tiny airborne dust that does not produce paint particles.

A temperature and humidity sensor refers to a device or device that can convert temperature and humidity into electrical signals that are easily measured and processed. In actual production, the grasp and control of temperature and humidity is of great significance to the improvement of production. Therefore, a sensor integrating temperature and humidity has emerged as the times require. The temperature and humidity sensors on the market generally measure temperature and relative humidity.


In a common humidifier system, there is a builtin humidity sensor and startup control valve. The humidity sensor monitors the humidity in the line and feeds back to the controller. The controller controls the opening of the valve according to the humidity in the line. Finally, the humidifier starts to humidify the room.

At present, most of the popular temperature and humidity sensors on the market are digital output. has introduced a digital temperature and humidity sensor from abroad - HTU21D. The builtin temperature sensor can be in the same package as the humidity sensor, which can relative humidity) for temperaturecompensated measurements and provides a second independent temperature sensor output, allowing the user to replace two sensors with one. In addition, this type of temperature and humidity sensor has the advantages of low energy consumption and high precision. However, different temperature and humidity sensors have different principles and structures. When selecting related products, temperature and humidity sensors can be reasonably selected according to the specific measurement purpose, measurement object and measurement environment.

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