What to do after the transformer trips by itself


For the safe operation and operation of the transformer, circuit breakers are installed on each side of the high, medium and low voltage transformers, and necessary relay protection devices are also installed. When the circuit breaker of the transformer trips automatically, the operating personnel should report the situation to the on-duty dispatcher immediately and clearly, and should not deal with it in a panic, haste or without careful consideration. When the situation is clear, it is necessary to quickly and detailedly report to the dispatcher the time and phenomenon of the accident, the name and serial number of the tripping circuit breaker, the action of relay protection and automatic devices, the swing of the watch needle, the change of frequency, voltage, and current, etc. And deal with it calmly, quickly and accurately under the command of the dispatcher on duty. In order to speed up the handling of accidents, limit the development of accidents, eliminate the root causes of accidents, and remove threats to personal and equipment safety, the following operations should be performed:


(1) Cut off the power of the equipment that directly threatens the life of personnel;

(2) Isolate the damaged equipment;

(3) When there is a threat of damage to the equipment in operation, it should be stopped or isolated;

(4) Restoration of power supply in case of electrical equipment accidents;

(5) When the fuse of the voltage transformer is blown or the secondary switch is tripped, the relevant protection will be disabled;

(6) Operations clearly stipulated in the on-site regulations do not need to wait for the order of the on-duty dispatcher, and the on-duty operation personnel of the substation can handle it by themselves, but must report to the on-duty dispatcher immediately afterwards. When the transformer trips automatically, the operation mode should be changed to restore the power supply to normal, and the cause of the transformer tripping should be found out. If there is a spare transformer, it should be put into operation immediately to restore the power supply to the user, and then find out the cause of the trip of the faulty transformer. If there is no spare transformer, it is only as soon as possible to find out what kind of protection action according to the sign-off instruction. 1. While ascertaining the cause of the transformer trip, check whether there are obvious abnormal phenomena, such as external short circuit, line fault, overload, obvious fire light, strange sound, fuel injection, etc.

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