Several common cooling methods for electric arc furnace transformers


During the operation of the intermediate frequency furnace transformer, the winding will cause loss of the transformer core and winding resistance due to the current flow. This loss will cause the equipment to heat up, deteriorate the insulation layer, and affect the performance and use of the facility life. Therefore, it has become an important strategy to increase the volume by improving the heat dissipation capacity of the equipment.


Common cooling methods for intermediate frequency furnace transformers are generally divided into three types: oil-immersed self-cooling, oil-to-air cooling, and forced oil circulation.

1. The oil-immersed self-cooling type uses the natural heat convection function of the oil to send the heat energy to the wall of the oil tank and the heat exhaust pipe, and then releases the heat energy by means of the heat convection of the air.

2. The oil-changing air-cooled type is based on the oil-immersed self-cooling type, and the fan is refitted on the wall of the oil tank or the heat exhaust pipe, and the hair dryer is used to assist cooling. After refitting the air-cooled type, the volume of the facility can be increased by 30% to 35%.

3. The forced oil circulation cooling method is divided into two types: strong oil air cooling and strong water oil cooling. It is to use the oil in the inverter of the intermediate frequency furnace to return to the oil tank after being cooled by the gasoline pump. The oil cooler is made to be very easy to conduct heat, and the heat is taken away by using a fan blower or circulating water to cool the substance. This forced oil circulation cooling method increases the oil circulation rate and increases the capacity of the equipment.

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